Survey Results


1. Rate Your Neighbour From Hell! (choose as many as you like)

Annoying??????????????????????????? 64.0%??? 48

Nightmare????????????????????????? 58.7%??? 44

Sleezy????????????????????????????????? 22.7%??? 17

Sad?????????????????????????????????????? 30.7%??? 23

Bad????????????????????????????????????? 37.3%??? 28

Mad???????????????????????????????????? 48.0%??? 36

answered question?????????? 75

skipped question?????????????? 1



2. How active is your Neighbour From Hell?

Not very active? ????????????????????????????? 10.7%??? 8

Moderately active?????????????????????????? 26.7%??? 20

Very active??????????????????????????????????????? 32.0%??? 24

Extremely active????????????????????????????? 18.7%??? 14

Hyper active???????????????????????????????????? 12.0%??? 9

answered question????????????????????????? 75

skipped question????????????????????????????? 3



3. What are your main Neighbour From Hell issues? (choose as many as you like)

Fences & Boundary’s????????????????????? 29.3%??? 22

Noise????????????????????????????????????????????????? 56.0%??? 42

Bullying & Harassment?????????????????? 65.3%??? 49

Dogs and or Cats???????????????????????????? 20.0%??? 15

Children (feral)???????????????????????????????? 28.0%??? 21

Creepy Behaviour??????????????????????????? 29.3%??? 22

Garbage & Filth??????????????????????????????? 16.0%??? 12

Other????????????????????????????????????????????????? 41.3%??? 31

Answered question???????????????????????? 75

Skipped question???????????????????????????? 1


4. How are you dealing with the Neighbour From Hell? (choose as many as you like)

Trying to ignore them??????????????????????????????????? 78.1%??? 57

Trying to negotiate??????????????????????????????????????? 32.9%??? 24

Invited them to mediation??????????????????????????? 6.8%????? 5

Involved the local council???????????????????????????? 7.0%????? 27

Called the Police???????????????????????????????????????????? 46.6%??? 34

Its gone too far we’ve got a lawyer?????????? 11.0%??? 8

Answered question??????????????????????????????????????? 75

Skipped question??????????????????????????????????????????? 3



5. How long has your Neighbour From Hell situation been going on?

A few weeks????????????????????? 8.1%????? 6

A few months??????????????????? 20.3%??? 15

Over one year?????????????????? 21.6%??? 16

Over two years???????????????? 33.8%??? 25

Over five years????????????????? 12.2%??? 9

Over ten years?????????????????? 0.0%????? 0

Seems like forever??????????? 4.1%????? 3

Answered question????????? 74

Skipped question????????????? 2



6. Are you afraid of your Neighbour From Hell?

Not at all?????????????????????????????????????????? 24.3%??? 18

A little bit intimidated???????????????????? 29.7%??? 22

Very worrying?????????????????????????????????? 25.7%??? 19

Very afraid??????????????????????????????????????? 13.5%??? 10

Terrified???????????????????????????????????????????? 6.8%????? 5

Answered question???????????????????????? 74

Skipped question???????????????????????????? 1




7. Does your Neighbour From Hell; (choose as many as you like) ?? ??????????????

Drink to excess?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 44.8%??? 26

Use drugs?????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????? 37.9%??? 22

Sware at & abuse you?????????????????????????????????????????????????? 62.1%??? 36

Sware at & abuse their own family??????????????????????????? 50.0%??? 29

Subject their family to domestic violence 27.6%??? 16

Answered question?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 58

Skipped question?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 18



8. Is your Neighbour From Hell;

Poorly Educated / not very bright?????????????? 47.9%??? 35

Reasonably intelligent?????????????????????????????????? 46.6%??? 34

Very intelligent?? ???????????????????????????????????????????? 5.5%????? 4

Answered question??????????????????????????????????????? 73

Skipped question??????????????????????????????????????????? 3



9. What does your Neighbour From Hell do for a living?

Don’t Know??????????????????????? 27.0%??? 20

Unemployed????????????????????? 41.9%??? 31

Trades & services???????????? 17.6%??? 13

Professional?????????????????????? 5.4%????? 4

Small business owner????? 5.4%????? 4

Public Servant??????????????????? 2.7%????? 2

Answered question????????? 74

Skipped question????????????? 2



10. A short description your Neighbour From Hell and/or your NFH situation?

(NOTE: these comments are un-edited, ‘as is’ from the survey)





20 something makes, Drink excessively and take drugs for 24 hour periods over the weekend with a group of friends, loud music, always sitting/drinking out the front, walking around semi baked, swearing loudly at all hours of the night and day, we have never complained however male abusive to us last night for putting rubbish in the bin at 1am, tried to jump fence to attack my boyfriend, feel like prisioners in own home




constant complaints to local council which in turn delayed you house from being built for a year which cost us 50,000 in a bridging loan yells abuse at all family members and visitors to your house



Continually reports me to the council making false and exagerated complaints and has me fined as i run a small business 2 days a week



Drove me from my disabled home because im not in wheelchair yet. Angry they didnt get my unit. I became homeless for 12 months. Dpt housing ignored my cries 4 help. Let neighbors terrorize me.



Our use of a right of way is becoming difficult - he owns the land, and objects to cars being parked (even if we are unloading groceries!). He often goes on about how it's his land, and he's being nice letting us use it.



Built high screens, blocks out my sunlight,wonder why they're doing it. Drugs perhaps?



Deaf, believe they should have their own way on everything.



All night drunken parties. We discuss it with them. Doesn't stop. We start calling police when past midnight, even on weekdays, now they throw bottles, faeces, tampons at our house. Thieve from our cars and when caught say it is because we call police about parties. Coincidentally my daughters car recently had sugar added to the petrol tank whilst parked on our verge, brake lines in another of my daughters cars have failed after parking on verge. Neighbours threatened to have bikie mates sort us out as we interfere with their parties and told us to move 'or else'. We will not sell as we'd feel terrible having someone take up what we put up with.



They may not control their emotion. Their child stays their house only at weekend.



Neighbour empties his septic tank twice a day on to my back yard - it smells terrible & means that i cannot walk around in my own yard without wading thru filth - the council has been out 3 times over the last 8 years & each time states that he says he does not do it. He then stops for a coupke of months & then starts again - my life is hell - I cannot have visitors - I cannot enjoy my own back yard - when I tgry & talk to him - he laughs & says a bit of septic never hurt anyone _ i fear for my sanity - i truely despise him



He's mentally ill, a bully, paranoid, delusional, cunning, violent, angry. I had to move out of my formerly happy home of 10+ years. He's threatened me too many times and I could no longer feel safe in my home or even sleep well. I'm still having ongoing problems.



throws objects onto house and shed roof daily



Egotistical, bighead, bully, arrogant



NFH has no family and no friends is very lonely, and i believe mentally ill. when we first moved in we felt sorry for him and talked to him quite abit but then we started realising how creepy and drunk he is. he complains to strata about our car constantly, he hoses 7 hours a day rain, hail or shine and was using OUR outdoor tap for this and we got the bill for $700, he has taken nike shoes left outside our door, thrown cement powder all over my husbands car, been caught going through our rubbish and continues to do so, peeps through windows, hoses my hanging washing which has since been moved, walks out in his underwear when drunk, and when not drunk has his pants so far down with rear end in view to try and intimidate me or something? takes mail and either reads it or changes letter boxes, every day waits at his door or gate for me to come out and ALWAYS without fail comes out when i do and pretends to do something and i always come and go and he is always there waiting for me, and he has also glued our other neighbours lock on their front door. he is a serious attention seeker in very strange ways with more than one mental illness. he is a pest to our complex and surrounding neighbours, we just cop it more unfortunately we are right next door.



Noise until after 1am 2-3 times per week, been spoken to but no change in behaviours, invites antisocial friends over regularly



Intimidation ove shared drive way responsibilities. Has issues with two men sharing a house.Verbal abuse and constantly lies about supposed actions from me and my housemate.



drug dealers who invite all their "junkie" mates over for parties. With loud cars revving and zooming in and out the drive every 20 mins to loud music and fighting. Jumping my fence to get dog without my permission, throwing rubbish in my yard and car port. Breaking into and stealing from other neighbours. Ripped off bank account of another. It was nice and quite while the bastard Ryan was in jail but they keep letting him out. Since day light savings started this year it's been a 24/7 party ever since and we are all sick of it. I've spoken to them nicely, didn't work, unless you count the bitch Amanda throwing dog shit at the windows. The cops are useless so am now looking for new ways to attempt to resolve this without having to move.



Last 5 + years, denying our right of way to our property by digging gutters across drives (rural), one drive impossible to pass in light truck (in last week).



bogans who are bored and cant mind their own business



Ferals. they have no respect for themselves, family or property. they drink constantly, do stupid pranks to property, their kids often run on the road and cars drive fast round the corner. unable to talk to them as they don't get it.rubbish constantly around the neighbourhood.



Paint sniffing 17 year old car theif. He has threatened me and my fmaily and other neighbours. Sniffs glue and paint and so does the 20 othere mates that frequent there. Only been here a week and half had the cops here 7 times. Can't leave my unit anymore due to violence.



a trash excuse for a human



This guy is 42, shares the rental unit with his mother. He is a 'bludger'. drinks everyday. His activity is gambling on the horse races. He gets drunk and turns his music up very loud. We have asked him politely to turn the music down on many occasions. It continued, so we sent a letter to the BC and they sent a breach letter to the tenant, RE agent and the owners. Our neighbour and his charming mother shout out homophobic vilification. We were told by the RE agent and the owners that 'we should move' as we are the problem. (we own our unit) This property is waterfront and rented by someone who does not work......what is this government creating? We have spoken to a Lawyer and he suggests we record their abuse so we now have to walk around with our ph ready for recording!



2 x 18 year old bogans with a newborn and 2 year old. Kids are not the problem, The male idiot cannot keep still, cannot speak at a normal level (yells everything) . They don't sleep, every minute that I am awake I can hear them ( and the ever constant flow of 16- 19 y/olds that visit) they smoke cones and drink all day, and do nothing to hide the fact. Usually I may get to sleep by 3am if it's a good night. Averaging 3-4 hours of broken sleep per night. But during the day there is NO peace what so ever. I am getting sick. Stress is definately setting in and depression is a real factor now. Miserable...



tense and not wanting to involve



Domestic Abuse, loud parties, incessant barking from dog, trail bike noise



Noisy, rough, the male plays mind games & has thrown rocks and the feral boys have always thrown rubbish over the fence. She has no idea.



Send fraudulent letters on behalf of the council to my parents (at a seperate address) and to myself advising that we are to do <<insert whatever she wants us to do >> (i.e. tidy gardens, mow lawns, move cars, keep puppy quiet etc etc)



Complain to us we dont go outside enough, we dont open our blinds and curtains, watch us all the time and make comments like you took way longer than we do to mow your lawns, they have snuck in the yard and tampered with our cars, hot water system etc, when confronted threatened us with defamation for saying they are doing this stuff... the list is endless, rocks on roof early hours of the morning, telling other neighbours lies about us so the whole street doesnt speak to us...



Made us widen our driveway, strata situation so we wouldn't drive on 6 inches of their drive, we paid the bill. Constantly in their driveway watching what we are doing.



Our neighbour from hell smokes in the communal hallway. Our neighbour complains about our pushchair making the block a tip, but leaves a whole bunch of rubbish in the rear stair well. Our neighbour writes unfreindly/aggressive notes but doesn't sign a name, instead signs it as the residents as if we are not residents ourselves and as if everyone agrees with her. I am worried that she will complain about us and our lease will not be renewed. We keep our place very tidy and follow all the rules but she leaves a bunch of ugly crap out on the landing. She ignores us if she passes us in the street.



He won't let us park our cars in the street or anywhere near his driveway. He is complaining constantly to Council about barking dogs (ours and others), threatening to poison them. He blows a whistle and bangs on the colorbond fence if our dogs make any noise. He has put his garbage bin on the nature strip, filled with bricks, and if anyone moves it, he moves it back straight away. He has erected a surveillance camera pointed at the bin and also at my neighbour's back deck. My neighbour is in her 60's, lives alone and is terrified. She is his main victim.



bitch moved in across the road smokes pot around her 2yr old kid yells abuse across the street using bad cuss words whilst holding her child left the child in the pram out the front and went back inside with the child screaming out the front came back out over an hour later, then violently shook the pram. she's home all day so the swearing which i can hear clear as day two houses a way never stops



Anti-social personality, narcissistic, verbally aggressive for no reason, loud music, bizarre behaviour, hates me a great deal



He does manual labour, loading dock? He is controlling, abusive, eg: asking me to explain what was going on when I was talking to someone on the street in normal tones. As though he has the right to control me and I have to answer to him for my actions. I was simply talking to the owner of a car parked on street that I had suspected was stolen and asked the police to check. It was, and the owner was there to thank me. He has written 2 threatening unsigned notes [the situation identified who had written them]..In them he alleged I had put sand down bathroom / toilet drains and blocked the drain and demanded I fix it. I had put sugar soap and then enzyme solution down drain to clear the blockage, but nothing unsuitable for a toilet. He was patronising and without any evidence insisted I pay a plumber to fix the problem on 2 other occasions when I encountered him while watering some plants. Since it was Christmas / New Year period I quite correctly thought this was going to be nearly impossible. I went to look at the problem drain and he had quite obviously exaggerated and lied about the situation. I then used hose nearby to clear the blockage. Unfortunately this only lasted a few days, so I contacted the Body Corporate to deal with the blockage as it was obviously outside and on common property and not easily fixed. In spite of this he insisted I was the cause of the problem and had to fix it. He was not affected as his unit's bathroom and toilet are on another side of the building. His complaint was that the pipe had bulged a bit at one stage due to blockage. There was a small trickle but no damage to pipe, tightening seal fixed any leakage. While waiting for plumber from Body Corp, he contracted one who said it was his first day back at work after the holidays. My neighbour was not present so I let the plumber use my power to use the rotor rooter. I told the plumber about the situation and he let me take photos of the large clump of root responsible for the blockage. He quite obviously plays 'boom boom' 'music' so loudly that even if all my doors and windows are closed (they are weathersealed) it is so loud. He installed an AC without even attempting to get Body Corp approval, and my unit is the only one adjacent to it. It is also underneath my bedroom. He ignored a legal letter with 30days notice from Body Corp to remove junk from common property areas. A Safety report also said he had to remove it. He has even put large plants on walkway, making it impossible to use for walking or putting out garbage bins. He is fastidious about his unit while putting bags of fertilizer, rakes, ceramic pots, clothes dryers and laundry,etc on area around stairwell. He has put 3 enormous and several smaller plants in the stairwell making it difficult to access electricity meters, my hot water service and in the way of plumbers who would use that area to plug in rotor routers in nearest location in laundry to unblock drain. He even put one on the drain opening. He installed a new garage door, [there was nothing wrong with the old one] without Body Corp consultation. This was within 7 days of the AC unit. So for about a week now, he has subjected me to a barrage of noise from masonry work for AC unit, banging from garage door work and when this wasn't happening he played his 'music' at deliberately annoying volumes. He acts as though he owns the whole building whereas really all he owns is the smallest one bedroom unit. I can see a funny side to his immense stupidity, but I also want to get him out of my life because of his abusive behaviour, and get him to respect my rights as an owner and the Body Corp. The 'music' problem existed for several months before the week of hell this week. I had suggested to Body Corp that they suggest he wear a wireless headset or use an ipod, and they wrote to him requesting this. He ignored the suggestion as that would mean he couldn't harass me. Basically he is a sociopath, or similar. I know he has smoked dope as I almost get high in my apartment even with the doors and windows closed. He also abuses alcohol. He has been divorced, has no custody and in around five years the only woman who stayed in his unit for a few weeks before a very loud and public argument in the backyard before she left. She claimed that she felt like she wasn't welcome in the unit, that he made it clear he owned it. Almost as though she was a necessary nuisance. I would not be surprised if he wasn't convicted for domestic violence or similar. I would not be concerned for my physical safety from him as he is slighter than me and he is only about my height of 5' / 150cm, except I do believe he has the potential for violence given his aggressive and stupid behaviour so far. Also I am at a distinct disadvantage because I am not well or strong enough to do self defence training as I have Ehlers Danlos syndrome Type 111, and even doing housework leads to pain. I have a genetic collagen defect that makes me extremely supple. Activity leads to stress fractures due to over-extension of joints. Legally, what can I do? I gather I can't get an AVO unless he says he is going to kill me. My patience is exhausted and my health is suffering especially due to loud insistent noise, which combined with repressed rage leads to migraines. The music is deliberately aimed at me, as if he sees me leave the building it stops, if I return it starts. He does it when other occupants are at work and ceases when they come home. Part of the Ehlers Danlos syndrome is stretchy blood vessels and parasympathetic dysautonomia. This really predisposes me to migraines probably at a lower threshold than 'normal' people. I have been getting them almost daily and am at the strongest dosages of medication. Anymore, and I am at risk of dying from serotonin syndrome. I don't know what else I could legally. Please advise. It will take a lot of pain on my part to get the unit rented / sold and move out. Is there anything I can do about the noise and abuse and misuse of Body Corp property? I don't even want to try mediation, it has gone way past that. Is the Body Corp Commissioner be able to enforce Body Corp laws?



Listen to conversations, what i'm doing, spread gossip and yell abuse.



swear not sware



Narcissistic with a seemingly endless capacity for noise, creating fear, lies and gossip, property damage and trespass, mobbing mentality "call in the troops" to harass and intimidate, stares in windows, abuses me through windows






Our neighbour keeps looking at our two children (aged 9 and 5) and My Wife. We cannot go to our backyard/front yard etc. without him constantly spying on us) and He always approaches My Wife when I am not there. We have come home on a number of occasions to find him in our yard and when approached he tries to give a story about checking out our grass etc. When we first moved here we made the mistake of thinking he is a nice person and he looked after our dogs when we went away for a short while. Ever since then he beleives he can come and go as He pleases. His two adult sons also act like he does spying behind a door, post or pretends to be looking past us or something when we are in our yard and home.



A sad dumb drunk with a sad dumb drunk girlfriend. Occasionally music too loud but mostly their grating voices and dumb booze parties with other morons.



Neighbour has his own little version of road rage everytime he hears noise at our house which usually consists of young children being disciplined. His answer was firstly to waste police resources and secondly to yell abuse out of window. When confronted he continued his verbal tirade and very much seemed like an unstable person. Really if he has that much of a problem he could try shutting his own window.




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